Do you like home cleaning? Before you laugh out loud or think that this is a silly question, consider the probability of someone answering “yes”. What if you could hire this person for a modest fee to do all the chores you detest so much – wouldn’t it be a win-win situation for both parties?

This simple enough mental equilibrium led to the birth of Utah Mums and Pops Cleaning Services. We were a small team of like-manded house cleaning hacks who were passionate about helping people who struggle with their housekeeping chores. “Were” because when we started on our journey so many years ago, we barely covered the bounds of Capitol Hill and Central City. Today, our network of house cleaners covers the entire Greater Salt Lake City area and has become a synonym of hassle-free, affordable help. 

What Is Our Working Philosophy?

Let’s go back to the initial equation – you hate doing the chores, we would love to help you with them for a modest fee, so let’s swap places. Many people find it hard to admit such a straightforward logic. They continue for years with an almost masochistic determination to do something they know is a waste of time. Why is that? 

We have heard multiple answers. “Because everybody else does it.” “House cleaning is not supposed to be enjoyable, and yet you do it anyway.” “It is too expensive to hire a professional cleaner.” We will debunk those myths one by one.

If everybody was doing their home cleaning chores, how come there are so many contractors in the field? A growing number of people have a much more practical approach to the issue. As for treating housekeeping as some sort of a sacred task, do you really want to make the point that scrubbing and polishing are meaningful in our day and age? And the most enduring myth of all – only the affluent can afford to hire a maid. A quick survey of the market will convince you that it is all nonsense. House cleaning prices have gone down through the years to become one of the most accessible home-related services.

We Care About More Than Cleaning

As you can notice in the URL of our website, we care deeply about clean air and try to limit the hazardous imprint on nature in the households we serve. It starts with the smallest of details – more cautious application of detergents, energy-effective performance, we even drive electric cars to work. We also help our customers learn about new ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes or limit the carbon output of their lifestyle.