The Invisible Health Risk That Lurks At Home

Do you know which part of your home accumulates the most dust, germs, and bacteria? If your first choice were to be the toilet seat, you would be wrong; it is the same way with the air conditioner or the waste bins. Most people are shocked when cleaning professionals tell them that their carpets are the perfect haven for all sorts of nasty microparticles and allergens that are hazardous to your health.

The common mistake most homeowners do is to believe that regular vacuum cleaning is more than adequate to keep the floor coverings in a decent sanitary condition. Vacuuming, however, only removes the larger particles and the residue that is on the very top of the fabrics. The small particles that penetrate down to the carpet pad are almost impossible to remove mechanically. You will need a specialised professional service, preferably hot water extraction or dry carpet cleaning.

Do not postpone the procedure because you do not think it is urgent, especially if you have toddlers or small children in your household. Regular carpet cleaning visits by professionals significantly improve the air purity in your home and reduce the risks of respiratory diseases and allergies.