“We provide house cleaning services” is a simple enough statement, but every homeowner or professional cleaner would tell you it doesn’t really say much. What types of house cleaning services? And what do they include? And what booking options do you provide for your customers? All legitimate questions – and you will find their answers here!

Regular house cleaning

Our top goal has always been to take the housekeeping monkey off the back of people who hate doing the chores. Naturally, this would require a continuous long-term commitment – and here is where we excel the most. We give our best effort week after week in the long grind of polishing and dusting, vacuum cleaning and scrubbing – making your home a place of comfort and order. 

Of course, every household has its own rhythm and pulse. Therefore, we provide you with the following service options:

  • Weekly house cleaning visits
  • Bi-weekly house cleaning visits
  • Cleaning appointments by individual timetable.

Please keep in mind that the hourly rates for all three options are similar.

One-off house cleaning

You are about to give a huge birthday party for your 10-year old daughter. Or your in-laws are coming for the weekend, and you need the house to look its sparkling best. We all have these special occasions when we could use some professional help with putting the place in meticulous order – and Utah Mums and Pops has come up with the perfect service for it. We like to think of our one-time deep-clean packages as muscled-up housekeeping – give us a couple of hours, and we will turn your home into a photoshoot setting for an interior design magazine spread!

You can book us for:

  • After-party cleaning
  • Holidays special cleaning – with great discounts for Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Seasonal (spring) cleaning
  • Emergency and same-day cleaning.

Post-construction cleaning

The long-expected redecoration is in the books, but you have no idea how to deal with the heaps of dust and construction debris. Do not panic, we have your back! We will remove any trace of paint or glue around the corners and window frames, and dispose of the waste in an eco-friendly manner.

Move-out/move-in cleaning packages

What better way to move into your new residence than giving it a complete cleaning overhaul? You should also carefully read your lease contract because property owners often include the move-out cleaning clause, by which a tenant should hire a professional contractor for the job. We have seen the same episode time and again – anxious tenants scrambling for a last-minute appointment to avoid losing their deposit. 

We have designed a special package for such cases, taking into account the most frequent cleaning requirements of landlords and property management agencies. 

Our Cleaning Task Sheet – A Quick Look

General tasks

  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Doing the dishes

Cleaning tasks in all tooms

  • Floor cleaning depending on the covering type (vacuuming or mopping)
  • Polishing of all wooden, metal, and plastic surfaces
  • Vacuum cleaning of the furniture
  • Interior window cleaning 
  • Polishing of all mirrors
  • Dusting of all window frames, sills, and handles
  • Polishing of all doorknobs and handles
  • Dusting of all shelves and drawers

Cleaning tasks in the kitchen

  • Cleaning of all electric appliances – including the fridge and oven (inside and out), coffee machine, toaster, etc.
  • Polishing the kitchen tap and sink
  • Cleaning the countertops
  • Disposing of any garbage in the trash cans

Cleaning tasks in the bathroom

  • Cleaning and sanitising of the toilet seat and bowl
  • Cleaning of all floor and wall tiles
  • Polishing of the bathtub and taps
  • Cleaning of the showerhead, cabin, and stand.